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You Were Not A General In The War In Heaven Part 4

Part 3

They put him on one of their black conveyances and drove him, much more smoothly than the wenches’ RV, into the desert. He wondered if they had a grave waiting for him, but the crater they came to seemed a little big. Perhaps for his brother—

At the bottom was a vast tented structure, concealing the point of impact. They led him down a metal ramp to it, and Loki found the interior cool and hushed. He passed numerous men of Jane’s stature, stunted and intellectual, hustling about with sheafs of paper. The sound of rustling paper made Loki feel as if he were in an aviary. In stark contrast were Thor’s type, men of action, lost without something to hit. They stood and sat in place. They played cards. They fiddled with electric games. They’d only be useful if the wise men failed to the point of violence. Loki found himself resenting them, men who lived to see their betters fail.

"Here’s your room," Coulson said, opening the door to a place with all of the atmosphere but none of the features of a dungeon. It was the chair, Loki decided. It had one of those instead of manacles. But it didn’t look comfortable.

Loki sat down. Let these mortals stand over him and think they held some advantage. He could encompass their existence in a thought. “You represent this democracy then?” he asked, to be polite.

Coulson gave Hawkeye a look. “We do.”

"Fantastic," Loki grumbled. "Democrats."

"We detected an extradimensional event last night. Today, a librarian calls in a strange man ranting and raving. Care to explain any of that?"

"Do you feel entitled to an explanation?"

"Why wouldn’t we?"

"An ant may notice a boot come down by its hill, but the man does not explain his destination."

"So you’re just passing through?"

"A safely-made statement. Why? Are your borders closed?"

"They’re monitored. We let in people who don’t pose a threat. But when things are somewhere they don’t belong, a threat can arise, even if they mean no harm."

"That’s a bold assumption. That I mean no harm." Hawkeye scratched a finger against his holstered sidearm like he had an itch there. "But still a safe one. If I did, you’d be very dead by now."

"You sound a little put out," Coulson said. Maybe after a little nap, you’ll be more cooperative. We’ll furnish the bed, free of charge."