Fuck yeah, melancholy...

Kahlan loved Crossroads. Cara hated it. They’d watched five minutes of it and even Dan Aykroyd couldn’t trick Cara into thinking this wouldn’t be painful in an entirely bad, nonsexual way.

Cara was assertive. She could’ve shoved Kahlan away and gone to do her homework in the quad. It wasn’t like she hadn’t done it before. But apparently a two-drink minimum made Kahlan all… cuddly. She’d dragged Cara to the bottom bunk and collapsed on her lap, actually rubbing a few not-gender-neutral places as she got them both crammed into the same tiny IKEA bed.

Cara wasn’t a saint, but she also wasn’t going to get an O off some drunk girl like she couldn’t do any better. It’s just that it was nice to see Kahlan unwind for once. Even around Richard, she was always so tidied up, all pretty pink princess, trying to please him like she was in the running for girlfriend of the year. It was hard to see the woman under all that. Cara liked seeing Kahlan this way, since it obviously wasn’t just the drinks that had pulled the stick out of Kahlan. Maybe she’d broken up with Richard.

Why did Cara think that’d be so awesome when clearly it would just mean she’d have to pick Kahlan up from wherever crazed sorority girls went to get over high school sweethearts?

"Cara?" Kahlan asked, in a kinda down voice. Mostly sober, as opposed to the chipper tone she’d had as she’d cursed the Oscars for not recognizing Britney Spears’ acting debut, all while trying to get the DVD out of a snap case.

"What?" Cara had been ignoring the movie to look at Kahlan’s hair. It was tumbling all over Cara’s legs and chest, exploded there from the impact of Kahlan dropping her torso in Cara’s lap. She had an inexplicable urge to touch that. Did straight girls do that or was it too gay? Cara was gay and she never touched anyone’s hair.

"You’re a good friend. If you don’t want to watch this, you can put on something else."

"It’s fine," Cara said. "Really."

"You’re a very good friend."

Saints wouldn’t have replaced that peculiarly-emphasized ‘very’ in their heads so much. That’s why Cara wasn’t a saint.

Cara reached down and touched Kahlan’s hair, sinking her fingers in to feel Kahlan’s scalp. There was a warmth coming off Kahlan’s head, not feverish but subdued, and it persisted all the way down to the back of Kahlan’s neck. Cara kept petting Kahlan’s hair, seeing if it got any hotter.

Christ, she was in love with a straight girl.

"You’re like a lesbian, right?"

Not really what you wanted to hear from a girl in your lap, whose hair you were petting, who you were watching Crossroads with. “Bisexual, actually.”

Kahlan got up, but it was just to plant her head more comfortably on Cara’s ribs. They oriented in mostly the same direction now, lying on the bed parallel to the TV, so they had to turn their heads to see Britney. Which Cara wasn’t doing, even if one of the girls looked a lot like Zoe Saldena.

"But you prefer women?" Kahlan asked once they got settled. "Why?"

Cara wondered how to phrase her response. Then she figured that Kahlan was probably too drunk to care. “They’re better in bed.”

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