Fuck yeah, melancholy...
A sickening realization

Nicki Minaj

icki inaj

Micki Ninaj

Mickey Ninja

See that girl you just called a boss-ass bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch

A horror movie starring Gina Carano. She and her friends are headed to a haunted camp for a night of fun, sex, and weed. A creepy gas station owner tells them the story of Chainsaw Face, the killer whose body was never found. At thirty minutes in, Gina Carano’s boyfriend goes missing, then suddenly she and her friends find the killer standing over his bloody body!

Then Gina Carano tackles the killer, gets him under her, and crushes his head with her thighs. “Shit,” she says, staring off into the distance, “I need a new boyfriend.”

End of movie.

Lois Lane making a series of Vines that are just her trying to prove Clark Kent is Superman. “Hey, Clark, supermansayswhat.” “What?” “Nailed it!”

Finished Great Expectations

It wasn’t what I was hoping for.


Green Lantern (Hephaestus) guards our planet from extraterrestrials. Superman (Zeus) sees all from the sky. Wonder Woman (Athena) looks over her sisters on Themyscira. Flash (Hermes) patrols the earth. Aquaman (Poseidon) commands a legion of sea creatures underwater. And Batman (Hades) keeps an eye on everything from underground. Gods… Are among us.

Justice is Coming, by Steven Moye.

Online dating be like

Setting up a profile

The response